Koh Phangan

I went to several beaches on Koh Phangan. These are from Leela beach. It seems that monsoon season ran a little long this year so there were only two nice days, but they were excellent.

The first day someone brought along a travel guitar. It was like Ryan and Xander were there, all the way down to the playing of “Tribute”. I was like, “This is a stretch, but do you by chance know ‘Tribute’ by Tenacious D?” And they were like “lol yup we just played that the other night”.

Then the next day we went to Sunset Beach.

Both days had excellent sunsets.

I had originally planned to visit Koh Toa as well, but after talking to people I decided not try to squeeze it in on this trip.

There a beach party to celebrate the full moon ending at sunrise, and a jungle party the night before.

With the goal of staying up until sunrise at the end of the week, and my bedtime coming in being around 10pm, it felt a lot like training for a half marathon.

Or the NCAA tournament… survive and advance. Sunrise accomplished. By sunrise accomplished I mean it was cloudy so we couldn’t actually see the sun, but we could see the wall of the monsoon quickly approaching us. It was like the horizon slowly getting closer, and then quickly getting closer, and then downpour rain as you’re running off the beach.

Hong Kong is next.

One thought on “Koh Phangan

  1. Great photos again! I’m so glad you got to the beaches. People asked me if you were going to get there because they seem to be very popular worldwide! I’m so glad you made it to sunrise and the monsoon!!


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