Help save net neutrality

Seriously, I can’t believe I have to spend time on this.

When you get your electric bill, the electric company charges you the same price if you’ve used your electric to run a power tool or a refrigerator. They don’t charge you more for lighting, and they can’t dictate what you use your electric for. It works the same for the internet, but that’s about to change due to the FCC.

For example, if you want to use Facebook, that could cost you extra. YouTube, Netflix? Pull out your wallet, because those will cost you. Sites critical of ISPs? You may not be able to see them at all.

It isn’t some theory, it’s how it already works in Portugal.

Pretty much every part of my work involves using the internet, from the development that is done to the product that is delivered. Traveling is no different. If I need to go somewhere, anywhere, I need to look it up and how to get to it, and if it’s somewhere I want to go.

Please support net neutrality so I can continue to work and travel, and so you don’t get price gouged for googling something.

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