I’ve been traveling for a month!

Some things:

  • I feel I’ve been exceptionally prepared for extended travel luggage wise. It may be some of the best planning I’ve ever done. It’s been a successful proof of concept up to this point. I’ll have to see how things go in warmer weather.
  • I am very dependent on Google and Google maps. Thanks to Google I’m able to find interesting things to see and eat all around me, and then navigate to them. I’m also a subway wizard but that’s due to spending time in NYC. I could probably get around without Google by asking for directions but Google makes everything so easy.
  • I should have enough passport pages without requesting more from an embassy.
  • Speaking of embassies, three of my hostels were less than a block away from KFCs.
  • So far I’ve lost a usb cable, a glove and a hat. It was my favorite hat.
  • Stomach bugs are the worst. I was pretty much down for two weeks. I didn’t really see as much of Vienna or Warsaw as I had wanted.

One thought on “I’ve been traveling for a month!

  1. It sounds like all of your travel experiences also prepared you for this wonderful experience! Continued fun and successful travels!😎


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