Land of Perogies. And lemonade? That was mostly what I ate in Warsaw.

These were meat perogies with bacon and onion gravy. I’m pretty sure the gravy part was just butter. It was delicious. I have to say though, I feel like the perogies in Pittsburgh are at least comparable. Pittsburgh has a big Polish population. I hadn’t heard of Perogies before coming to Pitt but I’m very familiar with them now.

Also everywhere had lemonade and some of those were pretty tasty as well.

I made it down to Warsaw’s Old Town.

Old Town was the site of some heavy fighting during the Polish Uprising in World War II. On the way I stumbled upon the tomb of the unknown soldier.

It’s guarded 24 hours a day, with hourly shift changes, much like ours in Washington DC.

I also saw the river walk, although the weather was rainy, so not a great day for it.

Then it was nap time. Still recovering from that stomach bug, so there was more napping than planned. The large amount of perogies helped as well.

Finally I was feeling better so I ubered over to the Uprising Museum.

The Warsaw Uprising was fascinating. I hadn’t heard of it before. Hundreds of thousands of civilians rose up to try to overthrow the German occupation. I highly recommend the Uprising Museum.

I met a lot of interesting people in Warsaw… Jackson from Vancouver who was there to teach English, Michael from Germany who is traveling for a year, and very friendly guy from the UK, where we lamented our respective counties political situations.

In other news a PSA, my identity was probably stolen, your too probably. Thanks Equifax. Now off to Iceland where I can hopefully return to action.

I’ve posted pictures from Warsaw here:

Oldtown, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, The Riverwalk, and the Uprising Museum

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